Saturday, December 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters of all ages.. Wuddup?

Last week I just got my first android phone.. Samsung Galaxy mini GT-S5570

Looks like this.. black and metallic orange at the side..

Quite cool I guess.. Its quite hard to use for someone who had been using normal "keypadded" phone.. Felt kinda troublesome when typing message.. Needs both hands if you know what I mean.. LOL

Anyway, I reckon that most of you guys know what's an Android Market is.. but I just found out bout it few days back.. 
Android Market is a web which enables you to download and install apps on your android phone.. Some are free and some are not.. 

Here's the link:

Oh, before I forget, you need a google account to gain access to the market via your phone..

Aites folks, thats all for this entry..


Friday, November 18, 2011

Procrastination yet again.. END OF HOLS..

Okay.. I've been meaning to update my blog for a while now.. But.. I keep procrastinating it.


Anyways, this is the last week of my 2nd sem holiday.. This coming Monday, the 3rd chapter of my diploma study will start.. Truth be told, I'm kinda not ready to start studying again.. Hope I can turn this feeling around by this Sunday..

Well, that's all I guess..

Chiosu dudes.. :D

Friday, November 4, 2011

Alhamdulillah.. Won the 2nd Battle..

Yo! hw y'all doin?

1st thing 1st, I wanna congratulate all my friends who passed their 2nd sem Final exam.. For those who did not..  I know how you feel, but keep your head up, face forward.. Learn from this failure.. And keep moving towards the future..

As for myself, I broke through the 2nd hurdle.. With a kinda satisfying CGPA.. Although it dropped a bit when compared to my last CGPA..


Although, I kinda feel a bit down by the fact that I got a B for my AGR154 Plant Pathology.. But it was kinda called for..

This war ain't over yet for me.. I'll keep true to my goal.. I'll redeem my honor for failing Matriculatiion.. I'll bring back the glory that was once mine..

Onwards to the next semester..

Enjoy the remaining holidays people, for next semester its gonna be full of TOUGH battles!!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's coming... This Friday..

Wuddup people!! How y'all doin? good? NICE!!

Sorry for neglecting the blog all these while.. Its not that I've been busy with things.. Its just that time of year where I tend to procrastinate things..

Yep.. True story..

Anyways, Tomorrow (Friday) is gonna be givin' a hell lotsa stress to me.. And maybe to all the Diploma students in UiTM.. And this is because?


Yep! that's right folks.. Its kinda stressing me out b'cause I kinda did poorly on this 2 subjects during the final exams.. You can say I get over confident when comes down to it.. Haha

Well, let me grab this opportunity to wish all the best to my friends out there who, like me, will be getting their results tomorrow.. 

ALL THE BEST!! And Peace Out!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Gitaah~~

Wuddup people..

How are you all doin? Great?


I've been on my semester holiday for almost 2 weeks now.. And well, just like my previous post about my holidays.. I got a mission..

This time.. Guitar..

Yep.. The one with the 6 strings..

Well mostly influenced by my friends back in UiTM, but really I was inspired by this group of instrumental guitarist called Depapepe..

Awesome guitar playin' I tell ya..


This is my guitar.. I chipped in with my sis of course.. Too much to buy, soo little amount left..


That's all for now..


Friday, October 7, 2011

Farewell Steve Jobs..

Steve Jobs.. Who doesn't know that name? The founder of Apple, a role model to some and a great visionary..

That's life.. You come and go without you knowing it..

You will always be remembered for your great vision and the awesome technology you gave in enhancing our daily lives..

Once more..

Thank you and requescat in pace.

STEVE JOBS (1955-2011)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock says the clock...

Tick tock tick tock.. Before you know it, it's already at the end of the Sem.. Well, I still have 2 more papers to go before ending the 2nd semester.. How time flies..

Nevertheless, its gonna be tough here on out.. Considered as the toughest subject for this sem, AGR112 and AGR154 is really pain in the ass. I do not know how to fight it out. Seriously.. I'm really running out of time now..

Anyways.. This is not much of an entry, but I promise I'll make a good one after my finals..


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Prepare for the BIG BATTLE!!!

Hey there readers..

This week's has been a really busy one.. Went back to UiTM and all.. Studying back after the raya break... Tests.. Hangin out with friends.. All in all a great weak.. And starting next week, preparation for the big battle is a must.. Starting on the 22nd of September, inks will spill.. Pencil will break.. Papers will be scratched.. and coffee will be drank.. Its time for the final WAR of this semester..

Like any other war, one must know how to get oneself to prepare for it.. So here are my tips for preparing yourself for the exams.. Now to be honest, I'm not really an A-class student to give you guys tips.. but this is just what I would do.. Follow or not is totally up to you..

  • Step 1: Study that which can Kill you
    • Some subjects can carry different marks.. Try to really focus on that which carries the most.. This usually the one that can OWNED you pretty bad if you ain't prepare for it
  • Step 2: Focus on the HARD ones
    • Put more effort to the one that you feel the hardest to conquer.. Spend more time with it and it may spend more time with you.
  • Step 3: Review the small writings
    • Remember the side notes that lecturers keep urging you to write? Focus more on that.. Lecturers tend to give clues on what's going out by disguising it as that note.. ( NOT ALL, but there are )
  • Step 4: Study with your bros-in-arm
    • Feeling lucky studying alone? Ditch that and try to study with your friends.. like they say.. 2 heads are better than 1..
  • Step 5: Getting help from the yesteryear
    • Look, feel, do, remember and treasure those past sem/year papers.. Most of the questions gonna be repeated.. If that happens, history will laugh at ya for not being able to answer repeated questions..

Well that's basically it for preparing.. To all my friends who's gonna kick ass in the finals, I offer you all the best.. And for those who's gonna fly to the other end of the world, I bit you farewell and till we meet again..


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Late Raya wish and the end of Raya week holiday

This has been my 3rd entry of this post.. I've been meaning to post this Raya wish post earlier but things just keep bugging me.. Well you know what its like.. Its Hari Raya.. Its bound to be busy.. LoL..

Anyways, here's my raya wish to you!!

oooo~ Fancy~~ hehe..

I would like to apologize for my past mistakes and for those whom I have hurt.. I am truly sorry..

Happy Raya to all!!!

taken from
On another note, Its been a week of celebration and tomorrow class starts!! What a great way to start a week.. ==||

The finals for this semester is getting nearer and nearer by the minute.. I wish all UiTM diploma students a very good luck.. Don't say you won't need it.. Everyone needs a good luck every once in a while..

Well.. That's all for this post.. LoL..


Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Radio..

Internet radio.. Who have ever heard about this before? Its been operating for quite a while now.. For those who never heard of it, its basically a radio which u can tune using your internet.. So~ it covers a vast number of stations all around the WORLD!! ( I've never paid notice to this things, just that I suddenly wanna try it for fun)

Anyways, there are several webs for this internet radio, so you can just google search 'em. But if you are wondering which web do I tuned to, here's the link.. LIVE 365

You can search for any genre you like.. I'm an idiot for Japanese musics, so I really just tuned to the japanese stations.. Although, the thing is that the they instantly dubbed the DJ's voice to english translation.. pretty much ruined the dream to listen to the cute japanese DJ.. (sob sob O|¯|_)

Anyways, If you're bored with the usual radio stations, then I recommend looking for these Internet radio online..


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dragon Nest Online: Hack n Slash MMORPG

Hello readers.. Tomorrow's monday and another week to go before Raya eid Fitri starts.. wooooots..

At 8.30am this morning, the download for Dragon Nest Online Open Beta was completed. I was still asleep then so I installed it around 10.30am and start playing it around 10.45am. THE GAME IS AWESOME!!!

I've been searching for dotHACK style game for quite a long time now and this is the closest ever to the dotHack style. What? you guys don't know what dotHack is? go Google..

Anyways, I'm here to give my POV about this Dragon Nest Online.. So you who do not agree, please, keep it to yourself..

Since this is only at its OPEN BETA period, improvements may happen in the future..

Graphic ( 8/10 )
- Considering you need a good graphic card to play, this game gives kinda low satisfaction in graphic wise. The characters are quite well build. Environments are awesome, especially the how they did the forest and water.

Gameplay ( 10/10 )
- This is where this game owns. ITS GAMEPLAY. I just love its hack and slash system!! NO MORE CLICKING THE ENEMY!!
- Combos are non-stop, characters all have mad skills.. Totally Booming!!
- Items can be upgraded if u have the items and money.. No change there..
- One thing sucks is that no gender change.. So guys can only be warrior or cleric and girls can only be archer or magician.. Unless u are ok with playing different gender, this thing really bring the game down. Although it can be repetitive, that's just it with online games.
- In gaining exp, I'm not yet able to get much info about it. All I know is that u kill those things, the higher the dungeon level, the more exp u get.. some sort like that..
- Money are drop by the monsters, so the more monsters you kill, the more money you get.
- Also exp and money can be obtained by doing quests, the more quest... oh, you get the point.. =.=||4 jobs to choose from, :from left> warrior, archer, sorcerer and cleric
(image credited to mmo,

for more info you can log in to:

Thats all for now..

Over and Out.. (b^_^)b

Saturday, August 20, 2011

PC info 2.0: Steps needed to be taken after buying notebook, netbook, and etc

Wow.. what a long title..

Anyways, wuddup people.. I've decided again to make another PC based post.. So sit back, read and enjoy..

You know how it goes when you buy a laptop or netbook or things like that and when you bring it back home and its somewhat broken?

Not that I have ever experienced such things but then again, maybe some of you dudes and dudets have..

So, here are some ways to counter this problem..

1. Check the seal of the box, make sure its not damage. Why? This is because the seal is a sign to show that that thing is brand new, never been touched, damaged or what so ever. The staff are only allowed to open the seal sticker in front of the customer after payment have been done.

2. Check for scratches on the outer part of your new item. The cover of your laptop, netbook, etc. Duh.. New items should have no scratches or what so ever.. Commonsense much.

3. Checklist for hardware failure.
- Connect to the local wifi system to check if the wifi system is online.

- Try burning CD and DVD to check if the optical drive is functioning

- Try "playing" with the monitor brightness to check if the monitor is functioning

- Try "jacking-in" pendrive to the USB port to check the USB port

- test the speaker by playing random music. the sound may sound a bit dull for the first few hours of playing music on any new speakers. if the sound of both speakers on the notebook is not balanced.

- check every letter/symbols/numbers and toggle keys[num lock and caps lock] functionality.

- plug in the charger to the notebook to check if it charges the battery.

- plug in the charger without the battery connected to the notebook to test the battery.

- if any built-in card reader : Try inserting the correct memory card to test if the reader is functioning.

- if any built-in bluetooth : try to pair it with any other bluetooth enabled device. Try transfering some files to check its functionality.

If something occurs, then you should go change that thing.. I would do it within 7 days after buying and don't forget to bring the receipt of course. No receipt, no proof, no replacement.

With that being done, There shouldn't be any problem with your new baby..

Well, that's all for PC info 2.0.. Have a good day people..

Over and Out..

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Netbook Notebook Noted..

Wuddup readers.. How's Ramadhan treating ya? Good?

Last week I got this CSC134: Computer and Information Processing test and 1 of the question was

"What's the difference between a notebook and a netbook"

Not to brag but this is a fairly easy question for me, but yet there are people who still do not know the difference between these 2 items.

Therefore, I am here to give you some light info on what is a notebook and what is a netbook

Notebook my friend is the other word for "laptop". Yep.. that's is.. Its a type of handy mobile, portable computer that you can bring anywhere to do whatever that is you are doing. Usually have screen size of 14" to 21". Mainly for doing "heavy" task, for example gaming or designing. Example of notebook is the ASUS A43S series.. Which I am currently using..

Netbook on the other hand is a small laptop. It is categorize under small, lightweight and inexpensive. Usually have screen size ranging between 5" to 12" and weighing around 1kg or so. Mainly for surfing the net.. The most noticeable thing about netbooks are that they DO NOT have any internal disk drive. Suitable for doing minor task like going online and typing assignments. Example of this product is the Acer One.

There are lots of other points regarding netbooks and notebooks.. You just have to take your time looking at them.. And maybe do a little research on the net.. Its just a matter of clicking and typing nowadays.

One Last thing,

KOMPUTER SATU MALAYSIA IS NOT A LAPTOP!!! Seriously, even a blind man can tell that this is not a laptop.. Its a netbook for goodness sake.. There are lotsa people still calling it a laptop.. Seriously..

Therefore, thats all for the netbooks and notebooks.. I'm not a computer whizz so anything that you find wrong and should be corrected please make a comment about it..

Aites then, Over and Out..

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadhan!!

Hiyaa readers.. Its been a while since I last post something here.. I've been pretty busy and in addition to that I can't really find any good place to go online..

Anyways, Its that time of year again where fasting is the trend for a month. Yes my friend, its Ramadhan..

Yo, did you know that besides testing our faith, fasting also gives benefits to the human body?

Yep it does.. for example fasts actually improve insulin sensitivity and this is pretty big deal. When your cells are sensitive to the effects of insulin, they do a much better job modulating your blood sugar levels after meals and this makes life a lot easier for your poor old pancreas. Loss of insulin sensitivity is a risk factor for both heart disease and diabetes. Besides this, fasts also reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in cells. Many theorize that this helps prevent and repair DNA damage that could otherwise develop into cancer. There’s even some research suggesting that fasting slows the little clocks that tick inside our mitochondria and trigger senescence, or aging. In other words, fasting might help us live longer by keeping our organs youthful.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Ramadhan is here lets all get our fasting gear on and lets fast.. For God and also for our health..


Sunday, July 24, 2011

End of mid-sem break..

WTF.. I seriously can't believe it.. seriously.. It is now the 1 week mid-sem break..

Well, it is just 1 week.. so I didn't really expect much coming from it..

All I have to say 'bout this week is just great.. Caught 2 movies, 1 being Mr Popper Penguins and the other being Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon..

About the assignments and the up coming test.. I totally didn't do anything about it.. yea.. seriously... And I am really going to die for the "Hafazan Yaa-Siin" tomorrow..

Not much of an entry here bout at least something is better than nothing..

Anyways, Chiaosu..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How time flies..

Its amazing when you think about the expression how time flies.. Its like at one time you think it's going incredibly slow and yet at another you would think that it's going incredibly fast..

Just yesterday I was at Riverside shopping complex to catch a movie and I have to wait an hour+ for the movie to start.. I did all the things I could possibly think of to pass the time.. And now here I am wondering where did the time go as it is already almost at the end of my 1 week mid-sem break..

So, what I am trying to get to here is that manage your time well and it will do you good..


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not so fighting stick...

Before I begin, I would like to apologize for the blurry picture.. yea.. Its damn blurry..

Well, this is my RM59 fighting stick which I just bought yesterday.. Made in China, all I have to say is that it kinda took time to learn the tricks to use this stick..

Anyways, I'll try to get my game and input right for the next UiTM Cyber Game tournament.. Hope that they still gonna have the Street Fighter game next semester...

Ciosu.. :P

Friday, July 15, 2011

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition!!

Wooots!!! Finally Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition has been installed in my laptop... I gotta say, its awesomely satisfying.. haha..

For those who are into fighting games on PC.. This game is a MUST!!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Story in the Rain..

Seriously some shit happened this afternoon.. Mujahid and I was riding on my dad's motorcycle after the rain to catch "Blitz" at MBO when suddenly a heavy rain falls on us.. We had to pull over to the nearest gas station to get shelter.. right before reaching the gas station the engine suddenly died..

"Shit, Plug basah la tok" I said with confident.. I've been in this situation and the thing that's busted then was the plug.. so that's why I said that it was the plug..

We asked the guy from the gas station to help us out as we had no idea on how to repair motorcycle.. Luckily he is willing to help us noobs..

He pulled out the plug and dry it with a piece of cloth.. After he put it back he asked me to start the engine..

Nothing happened.. The engine still won't start..

So I speak again.. with full confidence

"Plug rosak mungkin tok.."

He then took his spare plug and tried to change the plug..

Now here comes the most embarrassing part..

I noticed that the gas meter needle still showing it got gas although the engines off.. so I opened the gas tank and took a peak inside..


Mujahid laughed.. Well of course it won't start if there's no gas.. HAIZ.. So much for busted plug..

The guy teased us saying, "Mekanik pun sik dapat ngato motorsikal nak sik berminyak"

So we bought some gas and wait for the rain to stop..

How embarrassing..

My gratitude to the Sekama EXCELL gas station for helping us out.. hahaha..

Cook it yourself!! Meat Party Time!!

Hey there folks.. ( for those who actually read this blog.. ) I just finished my 2nd semester's PPKP modul and thanks to that I'm a better person now.. Or so I hope..

Anyway.. after I got back home, I went out with Gavin and Mujahid.. At first the plan was to catch a movie but since its kinda late (8pm++) we decided to get some food..

Lets just say its a one hell of a dinner..

We went to the Horn bill Palm or something place.. Its a steamboat shop I guess.. I don't really know what its called.. but its something like Manjarasa back in Labuan.. And I also forgot to ask where it is.. I didn't asked specifically on the location of this joint.. Bite me.. =.=||

Cost us RM18 per person and we get to eat and cook everything that they got.. Of course in this case its MEAT, MUTTON, LAMB!!!!

We also manage to grab some other stuff.. like Crabs, Prawns, egg tofu, mushrooms, veges, fish and some other stuff..

Its like a hotplate with sections for frying your meats, and "hotbowl" for the soup.. I think it is a steamboat.. but please, do correct me if it is not..

Yummy ain't it.. Aaaah~

The bro who intro the joint.. Gavin Yap

Mujahid enjoying his drink.. Teh Bunga..


Its totally worth of our RM18.. Gratitude and thanks to Gavin Yap for bringing us to this awesome place..

For those who's interested of this place.. I'll try to find the exact location of it.. I'm very poor with addresses so just bear with it..

*I really do have to cut this habit of staying up late*


Over and Out..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kyan!me Convention -2nd day-

wuddup people!! Kyan!me convention is here again this year and it started yesterday (10/6/2011) and will end tomorrow (12/6/2011).. So come on to THE HILLS now..

Okay, my thoughts on this year's Kyan!me conv. is fairly dull compared to last year, mainly because of there's not much cosplays and activities going on.. The shops there is kinda "not much" compared to last year where almost all the shops are selling anime goods and stuff.. now its like more to accessories and merchandises..

The only thing that's kinda attracts people coming to the convention is the DOTA and the COUNTER STRIKE competition..

Then again, its just the 2nd day.. Hope tomorrow its gonna be better than today..

Here are some pictures taken on today's convention..


Tobi looking for a fight?

Me beating up Tobi.. Damn I'm good!!

Tsuna's cosplayer performing the Zero-Point Breakthrough

NANA cosplayers looking cool.. She's my ex-schoolmate, Stephanie Lisa Ong..
People waiting for the Anime Quiz event..

Anime Quiz... The questions are damn easy..

What is the....?

I think its...

Counter Strike tournament..

I think if the Malaysian army is gonna have a recruit session.. They gonna own it..

Well.. that's all for the 2nd day of this Convention.. I'm gonna go again tomorrow.. Hope its gonna be good..


Friday, June 3, 2011

X-Men: First Class is totally FIRST CLASS!!!

I just watched the latest X-Men movie -X-Men:First Class, and all I have to say is than this movie seriously rates first class on my rank..

Its about how the X-Men team 1st began where the viewers are shown several known mutants such as Magneto, Mystique, Prof. X, and other not so well known like Azazel. It connects with the other X-Men movies and as well as the comics pretty well. It also answers the viewers question from the previous X-Men movies especially those who did not follow the comics as to how and why the mutants are fighting among themselves. More Mutants, More characters, More points.. For this I give it a 9/10

Stands for Computer Graphic Image for those who are still wondering.. The CGI for this movie is stunning. Especially the part where Azazel teleports from 1 place to another is just pure AWESOME.. ( just mainly because I love them teleportation powers.. But hey.. who doesn't?) and when Banshee screams to make a supersonic sound wave and enables him to fly.. awesome.. They totally improves their CGI compared to the last 4 X-Men movies.. Totally kicks them a 10/10

The action was less then the previous movies.. Only at near end that the viewers are able to watched some fighting and lasted about 5-10 mins or so.. but hey, its worth the wait as it really kicks ass!! Azazel teleportation, and that dude with the circle thingy on the chest is cool too.. But really Azazel was the cooliest.. XD.. Which teleports them too 9/10

Overall the movie was more too character rather than action.. and the actors really brings out the characters to their extent.. which brings it a 9/10

So their you go.. a little personal review on X-Men:First Class.. which is now playing in Cinema near you... haha

aites then, thanks for reading..


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today in History..

May 29

1453 - Constantinople fell to Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, ending the Byzantine Empire.

1660 - Charles II was restored to the English throne after the Puritan Commonwealth.

1721 - South Carolina was formally incorporated as a royal colony.

1765 - Patrick Henry denounced the Stamp Act before Virginia's House of Burgesses.

1790 - Rhode Island became the last of the original thirteen colonies to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

1827 - The first nautical school opened in Nantucket, MA, under the name Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin’s Lancasterian School.

1848 - Wisconsin became the 30th state to join the United States.

1849 - A patent for lifting vessels was granted to Abraham Lincoln.

1910 - An airplane raced a train from Albany, NY, to New York City. The airplane pilot Glenn Curtiss won the $10,000 prize.

1911 - The first running of the Indianapolis 500 took place.

1912 - Fifteen women were dismissed from their jobs at the Curtis Publishing Company in Philadelphia, PA, for dancing the Turkey Trot while on the job.

1916 - The official flag of the president of the United States was adopted.

1916 - U.S. forces invaded Dominican Republic and remained until 1924.

1922 - Ecuador became independent.

1922 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that organized baseball was a sport, not subject to antitrust laws.

1932 - World War I veterans began arriving in Washington, DC. to demand cash bonuses they were not scheduled to receive for another 13 years.

1951 - C.F. Blair became the first man to fly over the North Pole in single engine plane.

1953 - Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay became first men to reach the top of Mount Everest.

1962 - Buck (John) O’Neil became the first black coach in major league baseball when he accepted the job with the Chicago Cubs.

1965 - Ralph Boston set a world record in the broad jump at 27-feet, 4-3/4 inches, at a meet held in Modesto, CA.

1973 - Tom Bradley was elected the first black mayor of Los Angeles.

1974 - U.S. President Nixon agreed to turn over 1,200 pages of edited Watergate transcripts.

1978 - In the U.S., postage stamps were raised from 13 cents to 15 cents.

1981 - The U.S. performed a nuclear test at the Nevada Test Site.

1985 - Thirty-nine people were killed and 400 were injured in a riot at a European Cup soccer match in Brussels, Belgium.

1986 - Colonel Oliver North told National Security Advisor William McFarlane that profits from weapons sold to Iran were being diverted to the Contras.

1988 - U.S. President Reagan began his first visit to the Soviet Union in Moscow.

1988 - NBC aired "To Heal A Nation," the story of Jan Scruggs' effort to build the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

1990 - Boris Yeltsin was elected president of the Russian republic by the Russian parliament.

1995 - The last 3 bodies were recovered from the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

1997 - The ruling party in Indonesia, Golkar, won the Parliament election by a record margin. There was a boycott movement and rioting that killed 200 people.

1999 - Space shuttle Discovery completed the first docking with the International Space Station.

2000 - Fiji's military took control of the nation and declared martial law following a coup attempt by indigenous Fijians in mid-May.

2001 - In New York, four followers of Osama bin Laden were convicted of a global conspiracy to murder Americans. The crimes included the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa that killed 224 people.

2001 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that disabled golfer Casey Martin could use a cart to ride in tournaments.

taken from :

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alhamdulillah.. Unexpected result..

Hey there.. Its seems that the system has released the result for the final exams early by couples of hours.. And I have to say Alhamdulillah for my unexpectedly great result..

3.96.. All A's except CTU101... I got an A- for it..

I am totally speechless and well still excited.. this shows that I have shown people that I can do it if I have the will to do so.. HELL YEAH!!

Therefore I give my thanks to ALLAH SWT, my parents, my lecturers, and all my friends who have helped me thus far.. YEAH!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tomorrow Always Comes...

May 25, the day long awaited by all Diploma students of UiTM.. The day the Final Exam result being unleash..

I wish you guys luck for tomorrow will always comes.. For tomorrow the result of out 4 months hard work shall be unleash for us to see..

I just hope that I do well.. At least above 3.5 CGPA.. LoL..

Well the main reason being that if I do get 3.5 or above CGPA I get to have a brand new PC/laptop.. But really, I just want to prove to people that I actually learn my mistakes during my year in Matriculation..

Well, Good Luck to ALL my friends and those who will be facing their fears tomorrow.. Its just the same old result day..


Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the World My A**!!

For the last few weeks, there are people saying that today is the end of the world.. Well.. END OF THE WORLD MY A**!! Its not yet and no one knows when its going to end.. let my quote from the Quran which means,


15." Lo! the Hour is surely coming. But I will keep it hidden, that every soul may be rewarded for that which it striveth ( to achive )" Surah 20:15

No one is to know when the time will come but we are to believe that it will come..

Friday, May 20, 2011


Its been about 3 weeks since I started my semester holidays.. Well, things are going around normal so far.. Nothing much to blog about..

During the PC fair held on May 6-8, I manage to bought a 500GB external HDD. Hitachi X500. The design is cool and slick.. cost me RM188 this little thing..

I just recovered from muscle fatigue which I got from going to the gym with Rendall.. 3 days of pure upper body pain.. I cant even move my arms without feeling hurt.. Ouch!

Again.. I've been playing Ragnarok Online this whole time. Finally manage to leveled 3 of my ID's to level 99 and Reborn them..

About 5 days left till my result for semester 1 final exam is out.. wish me luck guys..

Over and Out

Monday, May 2, 2011

End of the 1st Semester...

Its been a long time since i last post my last post, about 3 months or so. Well, I have now finished my 1st of 6 semester of diploma in plantation industry management or DPIM for short. Its gonna be a 3-4 weeks of holiday.. Its gonna be a hell of a break and I hope its gonna be a great one!!

lets just sit back, relax and have a nice drink..

Anyways, I have 5 weeks of holiday and I plan to make the best of it..


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YUI!! Latest Single..

Its been a month since my last post, which makes this my 2nd post for 2011!! YEAY!!

anyway,I am on CNY (Chinese New year) holiday for 1 week now.. so gonna be buzzing back to campus around next week..

This is her new single "It's My Life".. It kinda have a very catchy n happy tune to it. here's the vid of it (taken from

Here you go.. Well, I've got a lot of stuff to do. so yeah, this is all.



Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflecting on 2010..

A lot had happened in 2010, good memories and bad memories. Reflecting on that, I think that 2010 had given me all kinds of experience to be a better person than before.

  1. The start of 2nd semester of Matriculation (January)
  2. The end of Matriculation (April)
  3. Getting my driver's license (June)
  4. Taking Matriculation Result (June)
  5. The start of being a lazy bump (July)
  6. Pulau Talang-Talang trip (August)
  7. Going to UiTM (Dec)
Hope that 2011 will be a better year than 2010..