Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kyan!me Convention -2nd day-

wuddup people!! Kyan!me convention is here again this year and it started yesterday (10/6/2011) and will end tomorrow (12/6/2011).. So come on to THE HILLS now..

Okay, my thoughts on this year's Kyan!me conv. is fairly dull compared to last year, mainly because of there's not much cosplays and activities going on.. The shops there is kinda "not much" compared to last year where almost all the shops are selling anime goods and stuff.. now its like more to accessories and merchandises..

The only thing that's kinda attracts people coming to the convention is the DOTA and the COUNTER STRIKE competition..

Then again, its just the 2nd day.. Hope tomorrow its gonna be better than today..

Here are some pictures taken on today's convention..


Tobi looking for a fight?

Me beating up Tobi.. Damn I'm good!!

Tsuna's cosplayer performing the Zero-Point Breakthrough

NANA cosplayers looking cool.. She's my ex-schoolmate, Stephanie Lisa Ong..
People waiting for the Anime Quiz event..

Anime Quiz... The questions are damn easy..

What is the....?

I think its...

Counter Strike tournament..

I think if the Malaysian army is gonna have a recruit session.. They gonna own it..

Well.. that's all for the 2nd day of this Convention.. I'm gonna go again tomorrow.. Hope its gonna be good..


Friday, June 3, 2011

X-Men: First Class is totally FIRST CLASS!!!

I just watched the latest X-Men movie -X-Men:First Class, and all I have to say is than this movie seriously rates first class on my rank..

Its about how the X-Men team 1st began where the viewers are shown several known mutants such as Magneto, Mystique, Prof. X, and other not so well known like Azazel. It connects with the other X-Men movies and as well as the comics pretty well. It also answers the viewers question from the previous X-Men movies especially those who did not follow the comics as to how and why the mutants are fighting among themselves. More Mutants, More characters, More points.. For this I give it a 9/10

Stands for Computer Graphic Image for those who are still wondering.. The CGI for this movie is stunning. Especially the part where Azazel teleports from 1 place to another is just pure AWESOME.. ( just mainly because I love them teleportation powers.. But hey.. who doesn't?) and when Banshee screams to make a supersonic sound wave and enables him to fly.. awesome.. They totally improves their CGI compared to the last 4 X-Men movies.. Totally kicks them a 10/10

The action was less then the previous movies.. Only at near end that the viewers are able to watched some fighting and lasted about 5-10 mins or so.. but hey, its worth the wait as it really kicks ass!! Azazel teleportation, and that dude with the circle thingy on the chest is cool too.. But really Azazel was the cooliest.. XD.. Which teleports them too 9/10

Overall the movie was more too character rather than action.. and the actors really brings out the characters to their extent.. which brings it a 9/10

So their you go.. a little personal review on X-Men:First Class.. which is now playing in Cinema near you... haha

aites then, thanks for reading..