Monday, September 26, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock says the clock...

Tick tock tick tock.. Before you know it, it's already at the end of the Sem.. Well, I still have 2 more papers to go before ending the 2nd semester.. How time flies..

Nevertheless, its gonna be tough here on out.. Considered as the toughest subject for this sem, AGR112 and AGR154 is really pain in the ass. I do not know how to fight it out. Seriously.. I'm really running out of time now..

Anyways.. This is not much of an entry, but I promise I'll make a good one after my finals..


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Prepare for the BIG BATTLE!!!

Hey there readers..

This week's has been a really busy one.. Went back to UiTM and all.. Studying back after the raya break... Tests.. Hangin out with friends.. All in all a great weak.. And starting next week, preparation for the big battle is a must.. Starting on the 22nd of September, inks will spill.. Pencil will break.. Papers will be scratched.. and coffee will be drank.. Its time for the final WAR of this semester..

Like any other war, one must know how to get oneself to prepare for it.. So here are my tips for preparing yourself for the exams.. Now to be honest, I'm not really an A-class student to give you guys tips.. but this is just what I would do.. Follow or not is totally up to you..

  • Step 1: Study that which can Kill you
    • Some subjects can carry different marks.. Try to really focus on that which carries the most.. This usually the one that can OWNED you pretty bad if you ain't prepare for it
  • Step 2: Focus on the HARD ones
    • Put more effort to the one that you feel the hardest to conquer.. Spend more time with it and it may spend more time with you.
  • Step 3: Review the small writings
    • Remember the side notes that lecturers keep urging you to write? Focus more on that.. Lecturers tend to give clues on what's going out by disguising it as that note.. ( NOT ALL, but there are )
  • Step 4: Study with your bros-in-arm
    • Feeling lucky studying alone? Ditch that and try to study with your friends.. like they say.. 2 heads are better than 1..
  • Step 5: Getting help from the yesteryear
    • Look, feel, do, remember and treasure those past sem/year papers.. Most of the questions gonna be repeated.. If that happens, history will laugh at ya for not being able to answer repeated questions..

Well that's basically it for preparing.. To all my friends who's gonna kick ass in the finals, I offer you all the best.. And for those who's gonna fly to the other end of the world, I bit you farewell and till we meet again..


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Late Raya wish and the end of Raya week holiday

This has been my 3rd entry of this post.. I've been meaning to post this Raya wish post earlier but things just keep bugging me.. Well you know what its like.. Its Hari Raya.. Its bound to be busy.. LoL..

Anyways, here's my raya wish to you!!

oooo~ Fancy~~ hehe..

I would like to apologize for my past mistakes and for those whom I have hurt.. I am truly sorry..

Happy Raya to all!!!

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On another note, Its been a week of celebration and tomorrow class starts!! What a great way to start a week.. ==||

The finals for this semester is getting nearer and nearer by the minute.. I wish all UiTM diploma students a very good luck.. Don't say you won't need it.. Everyone needs a good luck every once in a while..

Well.. That's all for this post.. LoL..