Saturday, December 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters of all ages.. Wuddup?

Last week I just got my first android phone.. Samsung Galaxy mini GT-S5570

Looks like this.. black and metallic orange at the side..

Quite cool I guess.. Its quite hard to use for someone who had been using normal "keypadded" phone.. Felt kinda troublesome when typing message.. Needs both hands if you know what I mean.. LOL

Anyway, I reckon that most of you guys know what's an Android Market is.. but I just found out bout it few days back.. 
Android Market is a web which enables you to download and install apps on your android phone.. Some are free and some are not.. 

Here's the link:

Oh, before I forget, you need a google account to gain access to the market via your phone..

Aites folks, thats all for this entry..