Friday, June 8, 2012

My rant at 5AM

Yo wuddup readers, how're y'all doin? good? nice

Much has happened within these 2 months of holiday, mostly revolved around Ragnarok Online.. Aside from that, well, I'm as of now really into chess..

Today I feel like ranting on the habits of today's society. Do take note that I'm doin this so that we can reflect on these things and try to change them. So these are my top 3 common social habits from my observations.

Habit #3:
- We tend to feel really awkward to those who speak English or any other foreign language. Most of the time it'll end up something like, "Asal cakap bhase penjajah?" or "Cakap inggeris pon cam bodo, ngade2 nk cakap inggeris.". What's up with you people and other language? Just because you can't understand what they are saying doesn't mean you have to hate them to the very core. Instead of taking all your time hating, isn't it wiser to spend it learning the language? Learning a new language is never a waste. Try to speak them, it doesn't matter if you speak like a toddler as long as you have the guts, no one can say anything. But after you learned the correct thing try to practice the correct pronounce / verb / or whatever. As they say, practice makes perfect.

Habit #2:
- We tend to belittle ourselves. I don't know why but most of the time we tend have low self confidence. We tend to not trust in our own ability and just blindly follow other people. True, some have to be the leader and some have to be the follower. But until when must we follow people blindly and hide behind their back without even trying to rise up? But do keep in mind, if you want to rise up, do it the right way. In addition,  we tend to see other people's success as a little prick ( mainly students ). True, some of your friend's success is way beyond your reach, but don't just say, " die pandai, mak ayah CEO, x hairan la result power." or my personal fav, "ko pandai, genius, aku syukur je at least x fail.". Try to learn from them and show that you to can be a successful person.

Habit #1
- We tend to jump into conclusion insanely quick. To make things worse the conclusion is always negative. This is true especially when it revolves around people we know. This is, I think, the root cause of all misunderstandings. Plus, because of these people tend to perceive things very passively. Example, when eating at a buffet, you are supposed to take bits of this and bits of that, and you are eligible to eat as many times as you want, BUT because we are to ashamed of what people might think you tend to take a whole chunks of food on a small plate so that we don't have to get up and take the food again. GEEZ!!

There art to be more but I think these 3 is kinda most important from what I observed.. Yes, I may have not  made enough observation but who has the time right?

What I said above, I too made them, but little by little we ought to change how we perceive things.

That's all for now..