Monday, December 27, 2010

On this day.. A new Beginning..

Yes.. the long "unawaited" day has finally come.. the registration day for UiTM for Dec intake 2010.. and the course, diploma Perladangan...

So, for the next 7 days, I'll be having nightmare-ish orientation period again... what suckish thing it is..

This is the twilight after the new moon thats just became an eclipse.. It will be breaking dawn of the future..

I vow that I will NOT let the smelly banana fruit twice..

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reflection for the final week..

After finishing Matriculation in April, all I did was eat, sleep and play games all day everyday.. 24/7.. Now after approximately 8 months, Its time for me to get my study gear going again.. and this time I vow that I will not be as shitty as I am during matriculation.. for this I give my thanks to Allah swt for He gave me another opportunity to study and become a better man.. My parents, for supporting me in EVERYTHING thus far.. My Sis, for making my time full of flavor.. My friends, for having my back all the time.. and lastly for those I did not mention, let know that you will always be in my mind somewhere..

UiTM.. my next study destination.. and like some bulky, bald, tattooed game character said.. "YOUR TIME HAS COME!!"

piece.. (^^)v

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Who would've thought that by just viewing (or maybe a few clicking) adds can let you earn money.. Well, at least I don't until just last night when my friend introduce me to this OnBux.. Its a site which advertises advertissments (I think) where it let the viewers earn $$ when the view the advertisement..

here's the site's banner,

well, I just registered last night so ain't really know much about it yet, but hey, it may not look like a big thing now, but it may be benificial in the future.. Who knows right?

If you are interested, just click on the banner..

Friday, December 10, 2010

Street Fighter, The Result and Win 7!!

After returning from Lundu (again.. dayem!! That place bores me uberly), I am officially addicted to fighting games.. Mainly Street Fighter.. Thanks to my best friend, Mujahid, for addicting me to it. Well, I think that this "addiction" also caused by watching Umehara Daigo playing Ryu ( 1 of the playable characters of the game). So now I am trying to get my hands on those PS3 and that Arcade Stick so that I can play my heart out.. LoL

Then few days later, the result for my SPA interview came out.. THE RESULT IS!!!!!


Well, It did disappoint me a little because I really want to go for that course ( Medical Assistant).. and it beats Diploma Perladangan anytime..

But, Alas, I have to go for Diploma Perladangan at UiTM later this month.. which means I'll be writing lesser than usual.. (not that I always write, but you catch my drift.. right?)

And Finally!! after month and probably years of using Win XP, I am now using Win 7!!! (Yes, I know I am a little bit outdated for just using Win 7) I have to say that although a lot of people say that Win 7 is much more user friendly than Win XP, I personally thinks that it is too friendly.. but i am still adjusting myself to its system so gimme some time to adjust myself before I can give much more personal opinion regarding this matter.. LoL!!