Sunday, July 24, 2011

End of mid-sem break..

WTF.. I seriously can't believe it.. seriously.. It is now the 1 week mid-sem break..

Well, it is just 1 week.. so I didn't really expect much coming from it..

All I have to say 'bout this week is just great.. Caught 2 movies, 1 being Mr Popper Penguins and the other being Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon..

About the assignments and the up coming test.. I totally didn't do anything about it.. yea.. seriously... And I am really going to die for the "Hafazan Yaa-Siin" tomorrow..

Not much of an entry here bout at least something is better than nothing..

Anyways, Chiaosu..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How time flies..

Its amazing when you think about the expression how time flies.. Its like at one time you think it's going incredibly slow and yet at another you would think that it's going incredibly fast..

Just yesterday I was at Riverside shopping complex to catch a movie and I have to wait an hour+ for the movie to start.. I did all the things I could possibly think of to pass the time.. And now here I am wondering where did the time go as it is already almost at the end of my 1 week mid-sem break..

So, what I am trying to get to here is that manage your time well and it will do you good..


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not so fighting stick...

Before I begin, I would like to apologize for the blurry picture.. yea.. Its damn blurry..

Well, this is my RM59 fighting stick which I just bought yesterday.. Made in China, all I have to say is that it kinda took time to learn the tricks to use this stick..

Anyways, I'll try to get my game and input right for the next UiTM Cyber Game tournament.. Hope that they still gonna have the Street Fighter game next semester...

Ciosu.. :P

Friday, July 15, 2011

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition!!

Wooots!!! Finally Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition has been installed in my laptop... I gotta say, its awesomely satisfying.. haha..

For those who are into fighting games on PC.. This game is a MUST!!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Story in the Rain..

Seriously some shit happened this afternoon.. Mujahid and I was riding on my dad's motorcycle after the rain to catch "Blitz" at MBO when suddenly a heavy rain falls on us.. We had to pull over to the nearest gas station to get shelter.. right before reaching the gas station the engine suddenly died..

"Shit, Plug basah la tok" I said with confident.. I've been in this situation and the thing that's busted then was the plug.. so that's why I said that it was the plug..

We asked the guy from the gas station to help us out as we had no idea on how to repair motorcycle.. Luckily he is willing to help us noobs..

He pulled out the plug and dry it with a piece of cloth.. After he put it back he asked me to start the engine..

Nothing happened.. The engine still won't start..

So I speak again.. with full confidence

"Plug rosak mungkin tok.."

He then took his spare plug and tried to change the plug..

Now here comes the most embarrassing part..

I noticed that the gas meter needle still showing it got gas although the engines off.. so I opened the gas tank and took a peak inside..


Mujahid laughed.. Well of course it won't start if there's no gas.. HAIZ.. So much for busted plug..

The guy teased us saying, "Mekanik pun sik dapat ngato motorsikal nak sik berminyak"

So we bought some gas and wait for the rain to stop..

How embarrassing..

My gratitude to the Sekama EXCELL gas station for helping us out.. hahaha..

Cook it yourself!! Meat Party Time!!

Hey there folks.. ( for those who actually read this blog.. ) I just finished my 2nd semester's PPKP modul and thanks to that I'm a better person now.. Or so I hope..

Anyway.. after I got back home, I went out with Gavin and Mujahid.. At first the plan was to catch a movie but since its kinda late (8pm++) we decided to get some food..

Lets just say its a one hell of a dinner..

We went to the Horn bill Palm or something place.. Its a steamboat shop I guess.. I don't really know what its called.. but its something like Manjarasa back in Labuan.. And I also forgot to ask where it is.. I didn't asked specifically on the location of this joint.. Bite me.. =.=||

Cost us RM18 per person and we get to eat and cook everything that they got.. Of course in this case its MEAT, MUTTON, LAMB!!!!

We also manage to grab some other stuff.. like Crabs, Prawns, egg tofu, mushrooms, veges, fish and some other stuff..

Its like a hotplate with sections for frying your meats, and "hotbowl" for the soup.. I think it is a steamboat.. but please, do correct me if it is not..

Yummy ain't it.. Aaaah~

The bro who intro the joint.. Gavin Yap

Mujahid enjoying his drink.. Teh Bunga..


Its totally worth of our RM18.. Gratitude and thanks to Gavin Yap for bringing us to this awesome place..

For those who's interested of this place.. I'll try to find the exact location of it.. I'm very poor with addresses so just bear with it..

*I really do have to cut this habit of staying up late*


Over and Out..