Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And so it ends..

'Sup readers,

  I created this blog after leaving matriculation. And now time passed, and it's already my final year in UiTM. Truth be told, I've never even imagine that my results are these good. I've never been a good student. From primary school to secondary school, my results were, mediocre. Come matrics, it's good enough to be flushed down the toilet bowl. But now, well, Praise to Allah, 3.75 CGPA.

  Well, that aside, This is my 1st blog of 2013 and I intend to be my second last. It's not that I gave up blogging although I'm not much of a blogger. I want to do something more towards game reviews and so on. Yes, I can do it here, it's just that I feel it's better to start anew.

  I'm not much of a good-bye person, and I don't know what to put in now. So.. Cheers to you readers who ever might you be, and until we meet again fairwell.

P/S: Next post will be a last one. I'll be linking you guys to my other blog. So. Buh BYE~