Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year!! 2013!!


How ye all been doin? Cool? Nice~

New Year's here!! It's 2013!!
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So? How's 2012 been treating ya? Hope it's good.

Let's recap of some of the best things of 2012.
Pick and chosen by yours truly.
Best Movie- The Dark Knight Rises.

 Best Game- Fighting game> Tekken Tag Tournament 2

                   RPG> Guild Wars 2
                   Adventure> DarkSidersII
Best achievements- Finally bought a PS3 and a 24" LED TV

Best Trolls- 21/12/2012 end of the world

Best life events- Malaysia Game Convention

I know it's sounds cliche' but hey, I'm kinda proud of my 2012 activities.

How's your 2012 been like? do post in the comment. :D