Friday, May 28, 2010

Repeat or not repeat?

Lol.. as a result from "ya knw" when i was in Matrics before.. i only manage to get 1.51 for my CGPA.. gila.. punya la low.. Anyway, the problem now is where to go?


1st choice- Repeat..

> i can easily take degree if i manage to past this second time o' round
> i know mostly what's to study and I got the basics of it already
> Since I've been there, I knw the situation and I can adapt to it already

> I studied it already so its gonna be a bit boring
> another round o' year of waterless hardships
> If I fail that's the end of the road

2nd choice- Not to repeat.. goin UITM..

> able to escape from the HELL
> What people would say a safe road to take
> get CGPS of 3.0 and above for 3 sem and I can go for degree

> result is likely for me NOT to get it
> new environment
> I'm goin to go for Diploma in Science and it got PHYSICS!!!!

aits.. and that are the pros and cons of goin and not goin to repeat..

I'm really in a pinch now since its both a hard road to take.. lolx.. and both are like the Road not Taken.. hahaha

berserah ja la kan? lolx... for now at least.. hahaha

Normal days as always.. a repetitive of waking up around almost noon, take bath, eat, and onlining and RO-ing.. hmm.. yup..

thats all fr now..

entry log complete.. Chiosu~

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spinzzzzzz @_@

Tomorrow the exam results gonna come out.. I'm just nervous bout it.. I hope I at least don't get a FAIL.. sigh.. really.. I haven't sleep at all.. I keep thinking bout

> What if I fail?
> where am I gonna go if I fail?
> What am I gonna say to the rest of my family if I fail?
> What are they gonna think if I fail?

etc... etc.. etc..

I don't usually like this ya know.. I'm kinda the type of guy who just like..
"hey.. oo.. I fail.. well its not over.. I can always try again.."
but then this time its kinda different.. for the first time.. I feel damn nervous bout it.. I guess maybe its gotta do with my future.. heh..

I really can't think of anything right now.. I'm going out soon to clear my thoughts.. heh..

For the past few days.. all I've done is sitting in my room in front of my laptop..
reading manga from OM and playing Ragnarok Online.. Pathetic ain't it??

niways.. I guess thats all fr now..


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Countdown!!! in 4

Haha.. shities.. its 15th May already.. dang it.. the result for Matrics Pspm 2 is cmmin out in jz 4 days.. that's on the 18th May.. zzz.. really.. jz hope that i gt a better result than the 1st semester.. Shit is better than that result I tell ya.. haha.. Well.. if shit happens again.. like they say.. If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you have tried.. hahhaha..

Hmm.. today is like any other day.. jz that i woke up REALLY damn late.. 2pm.. lolx.. besides that its a repetition of yesterday and the day before.. That is wake up.. toilet.. eat.. online.. RO.. anime.. movies.. and sleep.. lol..

Hmm.. tomorrow is Sunday.. hmm.. I thnk I'll go and visit the new Aikido dojo smwhere in jalan the old location bttr tho.. ahha.. fyi.. the old location is near Choice food Satok..

yea.. haha.. really nt much to write tho.. still learning hw to write all this stuff.. lolx.. to write anything is easier said than done..

aites.. entry log cmplete..


Thursday, May 13, 2010


muahahahaha!!! my new blog.. deleted the old one cz its kida sux..


niways.. i'll try to ya knw.. write a lot this time..


this blog i dedicate to chai fr teaching me the great stuff bout blogging.. wakakka

i'll try to update once a week.. n yea.. i promise this time it wont be hot-hot chicken shit nimore.. lol..

hmm~.. nthing much happen nowadays.. haha.. its like ya knw.. my life is pretty much suckish after leaving matrx.. lallala...

niways.. umm.. yea.. jz leave it at that fr nw..

haha.. at least gt RO to make my day.. lolx..