Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reasons to buy a PS3

1 of the many ways to describe me is - Video Game Enthusiast.. (Yes, I know it is self-proclaim) I've been into video gaming since as long as I can remember, starting from that brick game, SNES, GameBoy Color, PSX, PS1, PS2 and now a PS3..
Well, lotsa people keep asking me why I wanna buy a PS3, so here's my reasons.. I put it in 5 categories for easier reading..

1. Games

  • Most of the games that I want to play is on the PS3 platform. Those like God of War III, Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2
  • The games are much more High Def (I think) than other games, although its rival, the Xbox 360 and Nintedo Wii has their own merits on game graphics.. Personally, I liked PS3's graphic better..

Final Fantasy XII: bought from my friend months before owning a PS3

2. Price
  • Console is much cheaper compared to Xbox and Nintedo Wii.. 
  • Price of games are a bit expensive.. Although there are jailbreaked PS3 which allows you to play downloaded games.. but hey.. I wanna play online.. and I can't play em with those kind o PS3..
3. Designs
  • Mainly the console's design.. PS3 looks very slick and elegant.. Both Wii and Xbox360 looks kinda off for some reasons..
  • Also since I played since the PSX, I'm kinda more confortable with the Playstations' controller compared to Xbox360.. Although, a point on Xbox360 controller.. They feel kinda good when I played SSF4ae with it.. Lol..
4. Multimedia features
  • I don't really use this much but from what I read, PS3 has much better multimedia as in non-gaming features compared to the Xbox360.. 
  • here's the extract on this part, ( )
    • > Non-gaming Features
      > The PS3 can show pictures, play videos, and > So does the Xbox 360, but only the PS3 will > allow you to stream it to your PlayStation > Portable, remotely.
      As a PS3 and PSP owner I can tell you, Remote Play sucks. It doesn’t work as advertised and has wasted countless hours of people trying to get it to work properly.
      > This means you can access your media,
      > including Blu-ray discs, on the road using > your PSP
      No, no it doesn’t. Blu-Ray is not supported under Remote Play. Even if/when it does work you cannot access Blu-Ray or DVD media.
      > The PS3 also supports Linux as an
      > additional operating system, allowing it to > be used for a variety of non-gaming
      > purposes.
      Which runs at 1/2 the speed as a PC running Linux because of the PS3 RAM bottleneck.

5. Online system
  • Free and easy.. But in Malaysia, it's damn hard to find people playing online.. especially SSF4ae.. I have to settle playing china and japan.. And damn did it lag.. 
Anyway.. This is my top reason's for owning a PS3..

Hope it interests you to get 1.. and if you're playing SSF4ae, do add me on PSN.. My ID is lebotz.. 

Over and out..

Finally!! Its gaming time!!


It's been ages since my last post.. Been pretty busy with assignments and tests, and now I'm free fr 1 months.. Sem break bebeh!!


Just bought it.. yay!! :D
Jz bought a PS3 and a HORI arcade stick fr playing ssf4ae.. Cost around rm1600.. Dang.. Nw I'm officially broke.. But none the less, I am proud to be a broke PS3 owner.. Games? no I didn't buy any games.. Yep.. The store owner was in shock too when I said I'm not buying any games.. Reason? I bought it already from my friend.. Final fantasy 13.. What can I say? I'm a Final Fantasy fan.. Always am, always will be..

Here's some pics of what I bought.. ( Not much.. Only these 2 babeh..)

HORI Real Arcade Pro 3
My bebeh.. 320gb PS3
Now where's that controller.. FF13 is calling me name..

P/S: I'll be commenting on the HORI Real Arcade Pro 3 soon.. I wanna have a good feel of it first before writing any comments about it..