Saturday, February 11, 2012

What if.. Malaysian Comic to Movie?

    Assalam readers.. 1st thing 1st, I'm really sorry for my absence from blogging.. Got idea block if you know what I mean.. (Yea right.. procrastination is all.. =.=||)

    Anyhow, for today's blog, the topic is as below..

What if.. Malaysian Comic to Movie?

Yep.. a first What If section of the blog..

  As you all know, Malaysian Film Industry had produce a so called amazing movie ( not that I watched it) as of late, Ombak Rindu. Taken from a novel by Fauziah Ashari..

  Well, these trend of turning a novel into a motion picture has been on for quite a while.. Film such as Harry Potter, LoTR, Narnia was adapted from novel written by amazing authors.. (At this point some of you may thought of Twillight.. Please take that piece of Shit off your mind.. Cause It Is Shit)

  Getting back to the real topic here, comic to movie.. Spiderman, Hulk and the upcoming Avengers is taken from comic.. In Japan, these thing is not a strange thing.. Lotsa awesome manga are made into movies.. Both in live action form and animated form.. So it got me thinking see? What if Malaysia did the same thing? Which comic will they choose?

  Personally I don't really have much faith in the Malaysian Film Industry.. We are really behind especially in the CG department.. Although, I'm quite impressed with KRU's Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa CG.. Kinda good.. If they improved a bit from there, I'm sure they can carry this comic to movie thing..

  The big question is..

  Well it has to be a Malaysian comic.. And Malaysia have done quite good in that department.. There's quite a number of comic publishers these days.. Such as Gempak Starz and Ujang.. I dunno bout other comic publishers but I'm pretty sure Gempak Starz got a hell lotsa awesome material for starting a movie..

  Regarding this matter, I've came up with a list of my top 5 comics that would be awesome to turn into a movie.. Of course they are from Gempak Starz..

  1. Le Gardenie by Ben
  2. Under 18 by Zint
  3. The Fishes by Ben
  4. Dari Alam Angker by Puyoh
  5. Helios Eclipse by Kaoru
Le Gardenie by Ben
Under 18 by Zint

The Fishes by Ben

Dari Alam Angker by Puyoh

Helios Eclipse by Kaoru

To sum things up, well, It's not a bad idea if  Malaysia were to make movies out of these.. Besides, these are made by Malaysians for Malaysians rite?

Well that's all for this post..