Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reasons to buy a PS3

1 of the many ways to describe me is - Video Game Enthusiast.. (Yes, I know it is self-proclaim) I've been into video gaming since as long as I can remember, starting from that brick game, SNES, GameBoy Color, PSX, PS1, PS2 and now a PS3..
Well, lotsa people keep asking me why I wanna buy a PS3, so here's my reasons.. I put it in 5 categories for easier reading..

1. Games

  • Most of the games that I want to play is on the PS3 platform. Those like God of War III, Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2
  • The games are much more High Def (I think) than other games, although its rival, the Xbox 360 and Nintedo Wii has their own merits on game graphics.. Personally, I liked PS3's graphic better..

Final Fantasy XII: bought from my friend months before owning a PS3

2. Price
  • Console is much cheaper compared to Xbox and Nintedo Wii.. 
  • Price of games are a bit expensive.. Although there are jailbreaked PS3 which allows you to play downloaded games.. but hey.. I wanna play online.. and I can't play em with those kind o PS3..
3. Designs
  • Mainly the console's design.. PS3 looks very slick and elegant.. Both Wii and Xbox360 looks kinda off for some reasons..
  • Also since I played since the PSX, I'm kinda more confortable with the Playstations' controller compared to Xbox360.. Although, a point on Xbox360 controller.. They feel kinda good when I played SSF4ae with it.. Lol..
4. Multimedia features
  • I don't really use this much but from what I read, PS3 has much better multimedia as in non-gaming features compared to the Xbox360.. 
  • here's the extract on this part, ( )
    • > Non-gaming Features
      > The PS3 can show pictures, play videos, and > So does the Xbox 360, but only the PS3 will > allow you to stream it to your PlayStation > Portable, remotely.
      As a PS3 and PSP owner I can tell you, Remote Play sucks. It doesn’t work as advertised and has wasted countless hours of people trying to get it to work properly.
      > This means you can access your media,
      > including Blu-ray discs, on the road using > your PSP
      No, no it doesn’t. Blu-Ray is not supported under Remote Play. Even if/when it does work you cannot access Blu-Ray or DVD media.
      > The PS3 also supports Linux as an
      > additional operating system, allowing it to > be used for a variety of non-gaming
      > purposes.
      Which runs at 1/2 the speed as a PC running Linux because of the PS3 RAM bottleneck.

5. Online system
  • Free and easy.. But in Malaysia, it's damn hard to find people playing online.. especially SSF4ae.. I have to settle playing china and japan.. And damn did it lag.. 
Anyway.. This is my top reason's for owning a PS3..

Hope it interests you to get 1.. and if you're playing SSF4ae, do add me on PSN.. My ID is lebotz.. 

Over and out..

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