Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finally!! Its gaming time!!


It's been ages since my last post.. Been pretty busy with assignments and tests, and now I'm free fr 1 months.. Sem break bebeh!!


Just bought it.. yay!! :D
Jz bought a PS3 and a HORI arcade stick fr playing ssf4ae.. Cost around rm1600.. Dang.. Nw I'm officially broke.. But none the less, I am proud to be a broke PS3 owner.. Games? no I didn't buy any games.. Yep.. The store owner was in shock too when I said I'm not buying any games.. Reason? I bought it already from my friend.. Final fantasy 13.. What can I say? I'm a Final Fantasy fan.. Always am, always will be..

Here's some pics of what I bought.. ( Not much.. Only these 2 babeh..)

HORI Real Arcade Pro 3
My bebeh.. 320gb PS3
Now where's that controller.. FF13 is calling me name..

P/S: I'll be commenting on the HORI Real Arcade Pro 3 soon.. I wanna have a good feel of it first before writing any comments about it.. 

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